Impacto Capital in Portugal

Impact Capital Portugal emerges as a local player exploring specific characteristics that the Iberian Peninsula real estate market is presently offering.

We develop our projects in partnership with local architecture and construction companies who are firmly established and that have a vast local experience.

On the other hand, we also settle partnerships and create joint ventures with local developers with a solid and proven history.

To achieve these collaborations, we examined all partners from an ethical perspective, on financial strength and implementation capacity through a long and extensive process of selection. Thus, we guarantee decades of experience for our clients and investors in the local market.

Lifetime experiences

Portugal – A brief overview of the country

Portugal is located on the most Western point of Europe and considered a gateway for the international transactional market. Only 45 minutes away from Madrid, 2 hours from Paris and London, 3 hours from Central Europe, 5 hours from the American Continent and 7 hours away from the African savannah adventures. Thus, Portugal is set in the centre of the world map.

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, one of the main elements responsible for the Portuguese discoveries, Portugal created a strong bond with China in the 15th Century because they were the first European people to establish contact with the Chinese. It was also during this Century that the Portuguese navigator, Vasco da Gama, was allowed to purchase porcelain and tea from China, thus bringing them over to the “old continent” and introducing the tea drinking habit among the European population.

Lisbon is the capital city of this centennial country and, in 2014, was considered the best city to live, visit and invest by Bloom Consulting. Lisbon, alongside with Oporto – the second largest city of the country – are very well positioned in the cities’ ranking that offer best quality of life, reflected in its citizens’ opinion regarding safety, health care, cost of living, traffic, housing, crime and pollution.

This sunny country has endless white sanded beaches, golden mountains and cosmopolitan cities with a millennial heritage. Portugal has fresh air and drinkable water in all of the country as well as mild winters and hot summers with an average annual total of 3300 hours of sun. During summer, the temperature is around 28ºC and in winter a comfortable 12ºC, in Lisbon. It is one of the European countries with the mildest weather.

International Recognition

Portugal is also internationally renowned for its gastronomy and winegrowing, sectors influenced by its proximity to the ocean and mild climate. Favored dishes by tourists and foreigner communities include fish, shellfish, “pastéis de nata”, awarded wines and Mediterranean ingredients.

Football is the main sport in Portugal moving millions of people annually to national and international events. Along with these preferences, Portugal is a country where luxury shopping is not only a habit but also a hobby for visitors, among which many are from China. With pricing below the European average, Lisbon has some of the most expensive streets offering premium and luxury brands that allure customers with the most recent products and services in fashion and jewelry, among others.

Portuguese is the third most spoken European language in the world and is the native tongue of over 250 million people in the planet. A great part of the population speaks foreign languages, namely English, and love to guide tourists and to introduce emblematic places regarding culture and heritage: castles, centennial monuments and historic sites, among several others.

Real Estate Market in Portugal

  • Foreign investors’ residential demand is growing and expected to reach its peak during the following years.
  • Retail prices are recovering. The Consumer Confidence indicator has been positive and shown a consistent recovery during the last years. With the indication of an national economic upturn and the increase of private consuming, a rise on the demand for premium retail shops is to be expected.
  • The indicators on tourist accommodation are better and the hotel occupancy rates have been growing in a consistent manner, as well as the medium prices per night that have risen 11%, in 2014.

Portugal – One of the best places to invest

  • The number of new houses has decreased over time increasing the value of new real estate ventures.
  • Recent changes in the law have reinforced the landlords positioning which has contributed solid income for the leasing market

So… Why Portugal Now?

  • A competitive investment destination when compared to similar markets.
  • Favorable legislative framework.
  • A wonderful place to live.
  • A fantastic tourist destination.
  • Heritage, culture and nature on hand.
  • Recovery of financial crisis affected the market and lowered prices. Now that difficulties are being overcome is the time to invest!

Chinese Investments in Portugal

  • Chinese investment in Portugal at EUR 5.300 million until October 2014.
  • 80% of Golden Visa candidates in Portugal are from China.
  • With an investment of approximately EUR 2.7 billions, China Three Gorges purchased a 21.35% share of EDP.
  • In 2012, State Grid purchased a 25% share of REN with an investment of EUR 387 millions.
  • FONSUN purchased a 80% share of Fidelidade, Multicare and Cares for one billion euros. The company is also interested in investing in the Lisbon port activities in the near future, namely the exploration of the container terminal project, in Barreiro and the Tejo river future marina; as well as investing in Espírito Santo Healthcare where the company is already one of the candidates.