Impacto Capital

Impact Capital has grown and consolidated its local business due to its capacity of adapting and interpreting local cultures, regardless of habits, traditions and characteristics of each country where we operate. The Impacto Capital team is composed of professionals with a vast experience and a deep understanding of the market. Our internal transparency business policy demonstrates the effort we put in on offering added-value services. We reinforce a close proximity to our clients to guarantee that all our service are focused on costumers, their needs and their interests.

We rely on teams fully integrated with the markets where they operate. Our teams speak different languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, English and Portuguese. This further ensures the prerequisites that enable us to answer the needs of our clients.

Impact Capital offers a complete service that guarantees the success of each project.

Through legal, financial advisement, monitoring opportunities, client follow-up and investment process management, our team is always present with our clients in all aspects of the process: from the beginning and even after the transactions are executed.

Full Service Assistance

With a strong culture on adapting to markets where we are established, Impact Capital relies on professional local trained teams fully integrated with a full knowledge of the market.

In Portugal, our team speaks Mandarin and are always present to ensure the prerequisites that enable us to answer to needs of Impacto Capital’s clients.

Main services:

  • Planning the Trip to Portugal
  • Property Tour in Portugal
  • Legal Assistance (Provided by a local Legal Firm)
  • 24 Hours Assistance Line in Mandarin
  • Others

Impacto Capital follows-up the whole process and is responsible for all traveling details.


  • It’s necessary to prepare and to bring the following documents:
  • Photocopy of passport (all pages)
  • Two identical passport-size photographs
  • Photocopy of Shengen visa;
  • Chinese clear criminal record certificate validated by Portuguese consulate in China
  • Chinese ID card
  • Identification of family members (passport or ID card)
  • Proof of address (eventually Chinese ID card)
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of work
  • Reservation of units (€5,000) deposit per unit – this is not a fee, only a deposit

During the trip:

  • Lawyers (Clarify doubts about the Golden Visa Program and legal services to be provided)
  • Assign the Power of Attorney
  • Portuguese Fiscal Number (necessary to open the Bank Account and to be handled by the Lawyers)
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Property Tour
  • Purchase Agreement (The Lawyers will support the customer)
  • Immigration Procedures (The Lawyers will pre-arrange a time with the Government department)


  • Pay Lawyers fees
  • Transfer the value of units to the esc row account
  • Lawyers will officially initiate the immigration process
  • Payment of all taxes related to the property
  • Resident Permit sent to the costumer in China