Impacto Capital is committed to the use of sustainable practices intended to protect the environment, expand the Earth’s natural resource base, maintain and improve soil fertility, while increasing profitability.

Hacienda San José

A market leading company based in the Orinoquia region of Colombia, focused on sustainable livestock production.

The implementation of state-of-the art technology and modern practices has made Hacienda San José a centre of excellence for the production of sustainable beef.

To achieve the highest quality standards, Hacienda San José work is guided by 5 strategic pillars:

  • Professional Management
  • Agriculture and Pasture Management
  • Sustainability
  • Genetics
  • Animal welfare

Hacienda Nuevo Sapezal

In partnership with Scheffer, one of the biggest grain producers worldwide, Impacto Capital is developing an innovative project for sustainable corn and soy production in Orinoquia, Colombia.

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